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  • XY MenHouse a brand that understands men and places them first, a house that serves men's consumption and leisure preferences and offers their style of fashion and society; The XY MenHouse will emphasize the experience (rather than the shopping) component of leisure time and will combine lifestyle services and facilities, gaming, fashion, good food of various styles, sports and shopping, as well as business and networking ambience.


XY MenHouse understands men and places them first!

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  • DID YOU KNOW??? Some facts about leisure time in the gender difference aspect Men enjoy five hours more leisure time per week than women Men in the UK enjoy nearly five more hours of leisure time per week than women, ONS analysis reveals. The average man in the US has about five and a half hours of free time a day according to government data What Leisure time is? Leisure is a subjective term which denotes all the activities that an individual likes doing. ITS includes a range of activities such as: socializing, cultural activities, resting and taking time out, sports or outdoor pursuits, hobbies, computing and games, mass media, eating out and travel associated with these leisure activities.. When leisure time is considered for groups based on their sex, it is clear that men spend more time in leisure activities than women In 2015, men took, on average, 43 hours of leisure time per week, whereas women took around 38 hours of leisure time. When considering the amount of leisure men and women took 15 years earlier, it suggests that there is a growth in inequality between men and women when it comes to taking leisure time Researchers have shown that men and women spend different types of leisure activity - What are men doing with those extra hours? “Some of it is spent socializing, exercising, and simply relaxing, among other things. But “about half of the gap is from TV,” says Liana Sayer, a sociologist at the University of Maryland and the director of the school’s Time Use Laboratory.” Men spend more time per week on sports, practicing hobbies and computer games than women (four hours and 29 minutes and two hours and 29 minutes per week respectively), while women spent more time doing social activities (four hours and 19 minutes compared with three hours and two minutes per week for men). . office for national statistic But, for both men and women, the general trend was the same, men and women spent less time performing participation activities and the most time consuming mass media. According to the government’s American Time Use Survey (ATUS), which tracks how people spend their days, men on average are watching three hours of TV or movies a day, while women average two hours and 34 minutes. Watching TV, as the ATUS defines it, encompasses watching live TV, streaming videos, and DVDs, whether on computers, tablets, phones, or actual TVs. (It doesn’t include going to the movies.) However, researchers also noticed another difference. Although men spent more time engaging in leisure activities, women reported enjoying their leisure time more despite investing less time engaging in them. Why women get less time for leisure can be attributed to the fact they still shoulder more domestic responsibilities, often in addition to working, than men. This, in turn, might also be able to explain why the little ‘free time’ they get is more valuable for them, and therefore, why they end up enjoying it more.

DID YOU KNOW? (by Orit Lev)

Men enjoy five hours more leisure time per week than women

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